Public Education and Speaking

We help people take charge of their lives. If you are a business leader, an entrepreneur, a politician or a part of an organization interested in personal growth, self-awareness and/or self-improvement, we’ll help you gain greater self-acceptance, refined personal development skills and boosted self-confidence through workshops, seminars and lecture discussions:

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Brock are available for presenting in the areas of:

  • The Positive Power of Sadness: eliminating anger, anxiety and depression
  • Personality Strengths and Personality Differences: There is Nothing Wrong with You
  • Hurt People Hurt Other People: The Core of Relationship Difficulties
  • Getting Your Mind in Control of Your Brain
  • The 4-8-12 Child: Dealing with the Challenging Child
  • Emotional Maturity Breeds Social Maturity
  • What Women Want and What Men Need

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